Crucial forensic clues at murder scenes linked deaths of three men to Joanna Dennehy

Police at the scene where two bodies were found at Thorney Dyke in April 2013. Photo: Alan Storer
Police at the scene where two bodies were found at Thorney Dyke in April 2013. Photo: Alan Storer
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Peterborough triple murder: Crucial evidence was uncovered by police in the days following the brutal murders committed in Peterborough in 2013 by Joanne Dennehy, Cambridge Crown Court heard this week.

Peter Wright QC told the jury of eight women and four men that when Dennehy was arrested she had a lock knife in her jacket.

He said: “On the knife there was blood from John Rogers - the second victim in Hereford - on it.

“There was also blood from Kevin Lee, and an Easter card bought by Mr Lee on March 29 was recovered from the Astra car.”

He also said forensic examination of the scene at Rolleston Garth had revealed blood splatter from both Mr Lee and Mr Slaboszewski.

He said: “On March 30 police and a locksmith went to Rolleston Garth.

“They found blood splatter near to kitchen units, with the blood belonging to Lukasz Slaboszewski.

“There was also a blood stained sofa, covered in the blood of Kevin Lee.

“There was also an impression of footwear, belonging to Joanne Dennehy and Gary Stretch.”

He added attempts had been made to clean up the scene, but they had not been very successful.

Detectives found blood had dripped onto the carpet, indicating the bodies had been moved after they were killed.

The court was told police had been called as Mr Lee’s wife had a ‘premonition’ that her husband’s life was at risk after she learnt of his affair with Dennehy.

CCTV images also showed Leslie Layton, Gary Stretch and Joanne Dennehy with Kevin Lee’s car shortly after it is alleged he was murdered.

Mr Wright said: “At 9pm on March 29 Lee’s Ford Mondeo is seen pulling up at a Shell petrol station in Peterborough.

“Leslie Layton is seen filling a can with petrol.

“Gary Stretch is seen paying for that petrol.

“The three of them drive, with Stretch and Dennehy in the Astra, to Yaxley, where the Mondeo is set alight.

“A mattress is also found burnt at the scene, and when Mr Lee’s body was found, there was evidence of accelerants on him.”

Mr Wright said witnesses had seen the Mondeo being driven away from Rolleston Garth earlier in the day.

He said: “At 8pm two of Mr Lee’s friends went to Rolleston Garth to try and find him.

“They saw his Mondeo being driven away from the house, with something large in the boot of the car.

“You may conclude it was being driven away from the murder scene with the body in the back.”

When detectives analysed John Chapman’s room, they found his mattress was soaked in blood, including some which had clotted and which Mr Wright said showed he had been lying there for some time.

Mr Wright said once Dennehy had stabbed Mr Chapman, she had taken his mobile phone, and had used it to stay in contact with Layton and Moore.

CCTV footage of Mr Slaboszewski walking along Lincoln Road - the last known sighting of him before he was killed - was also analysed. CCTV and ANPR cameras were able to show the journey made by Stretch and Dennehy in the green Astra as they travelled across the country to Hereford.

When Stretch was arrested, his clothing was analysed, and his trainers had blood matching Lukasz Slaboszewski on them. Trainers found at Stretch’s home in Riseholme also had blood on them, this time matching Kevin Lee. Mr Wright also said the location chosen to dispose of Mr Chapman and Mr Slaboszewski’s body was a deliberate selection.

He said Stretch had lived or stayed in a house on the B1040 very close to Thorney Dyke in 2005, and he would have known the road was not a busy one.

However, a farmer made the grisly discovery, spotting the two bodies on April 3. A dog walker had discovered the body of Mr Lee on March 30, the day after he was killed.

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