Court: Teenagers aged 16 and 17 deny murdering Peterborough man in underpass assault

The underpass at Tyesdale, South Bretton where the body was found.
The underpass at Tyesdale, South Bretton where the body was found.
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Teenagers who had allegedly beaten Michael Green from Peterborough to death told partygoers about the attack minutes later, a jury has been told.

Cambridge Crown Court was told one lad, aged 16 was ‘pumped up’ when he told another teen about the fatal attack on Michael Green on 27 May at birthday party in Bretton, Peterborough.

Crown Court News

Crown Court News

The youth, two teenage boys - aged 15 and 17 - and a 16 year-old girl are all accused of murdering Michael Green, (23), in the brutal attack last May.

It is alleged that the four youths took turns to punch and kick him as he lay dying in the street and the girl stamped on his prostrate body.

The 16-year-old lad is said to have hit Mr Green with a vodka bottle in the attack.

Mr Green was found dead by a dog walker in a subway the next day.

A court has already heard Mr Green had got into a row with the youngsters after he made an advance on another teenage girl at the party.

The partygoer told Cambridge Crown Court the 16 year-old was “pumped up” after being involved in a fight with the victim and hitting him “three times” with a vodka bottle.

Under examination from prosecutor Jane Bickerstaff QC, he said: “He told me a story of what had happened, that somebody was pushing around a female partygoer and they had got in a fight with him.

“He hit him with a bottle three times. He had fallen to the floor.

“He said that the man had asked them for a fight.

“He was pretty pumped up. His hands were shaking and his voice was trembling.”

The witness told the court he noticed the defendants were missing from the birthday party but could not remember what time they left or returned.

He did say he saw the 17 year-old defendant with “blood on his hands” after he had returned to the house.

The court also heard how the 16 year-old told the witness he hit Mr Green because he was acting in self-defence.

He said the boy told him the victim had tried to hit him before he struck him with the vodka bottle.

In another conversation with the witness the 16 year-old said “I don’t know I just did” when the witness asked him why he had hit him with a bottle.

The partygoer also told the court that he spoke to the 15 year-old defendant about the attack.

He told the court that the teen revealed he had punched Mr Green “four times” in the “back of the head”.

The day after the party the witness saw on Facebook that police had found a body just a short distance from the house where the party had been held.

He then rang the 16 year-old he had spoken to at the party and asked if he had seen the news.

The witness said: “I asked if he had seen the news. He said he had seen it and he sounded scared.”

Another partygoer said he had spoken to the 17 year-old defendant who had bloodied knuckles when he arrived at the party after the attack.

In a police statement the witness said the he told him he was drinking at the victim’s home along with his female co-defendant and a 15 year-old girl.

The witness told the court: “He had been drinking and he said the man [Mr Green] had got a bit lary and he had accidentally hit one of the girls and he had offered him to go outside the house.

“The victim had got aggressive in the house with the girls and the defendant had offered him outside for a fight because he didn’t want to fight in the house. They didn’t want to fight in the house so they had walked down to the underpass.”

The trial continues.

Court told group had been drinking

The court has previously been told that a post mortem examination revealed Mr Green had died from head injuries, consistent with being assaulted.

It is alleged that he had been drinking with two of the defendants that evening, and was heavily drunk and affected by medication he was taking when he was assaulted in the underpass.

The defendants, who cannot be named, are now aged 17 and 16 and all deny murder and grievous bodily harm.

The girl also denies a charge of attempting to pervert the court of justice relating to claims

she tried to make a witness change her evidence before the trial.