Court: Smokers fined for dropping butts in Peterborough

Crime news and court reports from the Peterborough Telegraph -
Crime news and court reports from the Peterborough Telegraph -
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More than 20 litter louts who blighted the city centre by dropping cigarette butts have been ordered to pay £3,300 between them at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday (14 August).

A total of 22 people were charged with littering.

Although none of the accused turned up for the hearing, three pleaded guilty by post, with another 19 not turning up and being found guilty in their absence by magistrates.

All the defendants were seen dropping cigarette butts in Bridge Street and Lincoln Road during April and May.

Councillor Peter Hiller, cabinet member for housing, neighbourhoods and planning, said the council will robustly tackle litterers who see fit to spoil the city’s streets.

He said: “This is not harsh. People have a choice, whether to put a used cigarette, or other type of rubbish, in the correct receptacle; or disregard other people in the city centre.

“This sends a message this authority will not tolerate people blighting the city for other residents or visitors.”

Peter Gell, the council’s strategic regulatory services manager, said: “People who discard litter in public places damage the appearance of the city’s neighbourhoods and the cost of clearing the litter falls on all council taxpayers.

“We want Peterborough to be attractive and will continue to take action against people who blight our public areas by dropping litter.”

At court the 22 litterers were all fined £85 and ordered to pay £50 costs and a £15 victim surcharge, which must be paid by anyone given a fine at court.

People spotted littering are given a £75 fixed penalty notice, with 28 days to pay. If they do not pay, they are taken to court.