Court: Psychiatrist found no evidence of mental illness in murder accused

Elisabeth Carroll.
Elisabeth Carroll.
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Monday, 3.37pm: A psychiatrist told Cambridge Crown Court today (7 January) he found no evidence of mental illness in a man accused of killing his wife, Elisabeth Carroll.

Psychiatrist Neil Hunt interviewed Michael Carroll (60) on May 24 last year, the day he was arrested in connection with the death of his wife Elisabeth (64) at their home in Kings Road, Fletton.

A trial at Cambridge Crown Court heard how Carroll had been arrested after his boss phoned him when he had not turned up for work. Vernon MacFarlane, who runs Mac Print Finishing, where Carroll worked, said Carroll had told him he couldn’t come in to work as he had killed his wife.

A statement from Mr Hunt was read to the jury at court today.

In it, he said: “Michael Carroll was a 59-year-old man, who had been married for 30 years and has no children.

“There was no family history of psychiatric problems.

“Carroll denied any past history of psychiatric illness, or having seen any mental health professional.

“He said he only had minor health problems. He said he had been quiet and a bit down.

“He said it was due to his working hours being cut to four days a week, causing financial problems, especially with his mortgage.
“He reported good appetite, and no weight loss.

“He was not unkempt or underweight.

“He sat through the hour interview and was not restless or over active.

“He reported his mood to be OK, but appeared perturbed and ashamed about his situation.

“I did not find evidence of him suffering from mental illness, and did not identify any other mental health needs.”

Carroll denies murdering Mrs Carroll, but the court has heard it is likely he will rely on the diminished responsibility defence, which reduces the charge of murder to manslaughter.

The trial continues.