Charity funded defibrillator stolen from popular Whittlesey club

It has been reported that a charity funded defibrillator has been stolen from the Ivy Leaf Club in Whittlesey.

Thursday, 14th November 2019, 4:36 pm
Another defibrillator in Whittlesey

A defibrillator has been stolen in the early hours of the morning on November 7.

The defibrillator was funded by Whittlesey charity, Defibrillators For All. The charity will have to raise around £1100 to replace it. This is the third theft of a charity funded defibrillator to happen within the town in five years.

Deborah Slator, Founder of Defibrillators for All said: "It's hard to think of what to say because I am devastated! After all the hard work involved to gain defibrillators, all the support from people in our town it really does take the wind out of my sails. I am constantly thinking about it. Some people donate a few pounds here and there others help out at events or donate gifts so we can hold raffles, when this happens it makes me feel I am wrong to ask so much of them. For one person to be selfish enough to take it from them."

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KJ Hillson, Steward of the Ivy Leaf said: "It is sickening really, we only used it about two-three weeks ago for a lady who had a heart attack in the club. I can't imagine if that had been gone then. Sadly the woman passed but it gave her family some extra time and a chance."

The charity hope the public will help fund a replacement. Donations can be made online at:

Anyone with any information should contact police on 101 quoting reference 35/80935/19 or report it online