The cars taken off Peterborough’s roads in the past week

Road police have been busy taking cars off Peterborough’s roads, with many motorists driving around uninsured, untaxed and without a licence.

Monday, 27th May 2019, 9:25 pm
Officers have been busy taking cars off Peterborough's roads

Officers from the BCH Road Policing Unit have also found children unrestrained in the back and a driver who mistakenly thought his mum had insured his vehicle.

Car seized and driver reported
Driver reported and vehicle seized

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Driver also had no insurance or licence. He was arrested
Unfortunately, when he called her she said she hadn't
Driver reported
The driver said he'd been out the country so didn't tax it
The brother was disqualified and wanted for failing to appear. He was arrested, the driver was reported and the car was seized
The car, which was stopped in Lincoln Road, also had no insurance
The car was stopped for having no insurance. The driver was reported for both offences
The carpenter was carrying his tools to his next job
When you're 'allowed to drive other vehicles' it excludes vehicles owned by you. Driver reported and vehicle seized
The driver was also given notice to rectify a defective tyre before driving the vehicle again
Also two children illegally unrestrained in the back
Driver reported
The car was also uninsured and the MOT had expired 12 months ago
Car also uninsured. Driver arrested
The licence was revoked because the driver got six points within two years of passing his test... for having no insurance. He was reported and the car seized
Driver was arrested, charged and remanded for no insurance/failure to provide a sample