Cambridgeshire police tackling crime well say HMIC

Cambridgeshire Constabulary.
Cambridgeshire Constabulary.
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Police across Cambridgeshire are doing a good job at reducing crime according to the independent regulatory body.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) also believe Cambridgeshire Constabulary is doing well at investigating crime and tackling anti-social behaviour.

In its findings, revealed today (Thursday, 27 November) it says the force has made good progress in meeting its funding challenge.

However, HM Inspector of Constabulary for the Eastern Region, Zoë Billingham added: “I have been impressed that Cambridgeshire Constabulary has developed sophisticated joint working arrangements with partners, such as local councils, to

support victims of crime and anti-social behaviour who are repeatedly targeted or vulnerable.

“The force works well with partners to deal with those offenders most likely to cause harm in communities and criminals who are most likely to reoffend. Through a strong focus on the needs of victims the force is making Cambridgeshire a safer place.

“I have also been impressed that the force is meeting its funding challenge and is planning sensibly for the future while retaining high levels of victim satisfaction.

“It has bold and ambitious plans to make the further savings required while protecting frontline posts through the use of new technology to enhance police officers’ ability to do their jobs.”

However, Ms Billingham had a few criticisms about the force.

She added: “Despite these positives, I have serious concerns about the force’s approach to crime recording which is not as accurate as it should be.

“I also had serious concerns about the force’s approach to domestic abuse following our inspection earlier in the year.

“However, the force took immediate remedial action which has resulted in substantial improvements in the service to victims of domestic abuse, although there is still more to do.

“Next year we will be seeing how Cambridgeshire Constabulary has responded to these assessments and we will be able to give it overall grades so that the public can see at a glance how the force is doing.”

HMIC released a report last week about the force which said it was not recording all incidents of crime.

The report said many incidents were not properly recorded and others not recorded as crime within the required 72 hours.

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