Cambridgeshire Police officers unable to respond to emergency call after vandals let down patrol car tyres

One of the flat tyres police came back to
One of the flat tyres police came back to

Cambridgeshire Police officers were unable to respond to an emergency incident at the weekend after a vandal let their patrol car's tyres down.

Police were conducting foot patrols in Doddington on Saturday afternoon when an emergency call that an elderly man had collapsed in Chatteris came through.

The officers, closest to the incident, returned to their parked, marked patrol car in Church Lane, which had been parked between 3.30pm and 4.30pm to find two tyres had been purposely let down.

Despite being the closest, they were therefore unable to help an elderly man who had collapsed in Chatteris.

Police tweeted that the vandal had "potentially put lives at risk and wasted police time."

Thankfully another police unit was able to attend, although not as quickly, and the elderly man was taken to hospital, where he made a good recovery.

Anyone with information about the vandalism should call police on 101.