Cambridgeshire police officers sacked for having sex with each other while on duty

“Nationally and unfortunately closer to home, actions of officers have let the service down and our reputation is one that requires re-building”

By Stephen Briggs
Thursday, 5th May 2022, 1:34 pm

Two Cambridgeshire police constables have been sacked after they had sex while on duty on multiple occasions.

A disciplinary hearing found both officers – who have not been named due to concerns about their mental health – were guilty of gross misconduct.

Addressing the two officers, Chief Constable Nick Dean said: “ This case centres on the allegation of two police officers engaged in sexual conduct with each other whilst on duty.

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Cambridgeshire Police

“Turning first to the area of culpability. As the case has outlined this has not been ‘one- off’ activity; by your own admissions the conduct occurred on a number of occasions and at differing locations. It cannot also be lost on anyone within the policing environment of the extent to which damage has been caused to the reputation of the police service by acts such as have been outlined today.

"Nationally and unfortunately closer to home, actions of officers have let the service down and our reputation is one that requires re-building; this does nothing to enhance it.

"Whilst this could have been seen as a lapse of judgement. I am not convinced, you both had the opportunity to stop such behaviour on numerous occasions and in particular PC A was, with reference to his length of service, in a position of seniority over PC B. However, both of you, as described in your statements are to blame for this situation. You must have known what you were doing was wrong and therefore the culpability in this case is high.”

Mr Dean said the conduct had damaged the public’s trust in the police force, saying the public ‘rightly expect when an officer comes on duty that they are there to protect and serve the community. Not to be engaged in sexual activity which brings discredit to the service.’

However, he noted that no damage was done by the pair not answering calls.

He said: “I also note that it appears, albeit no formal checks have been presented to me, that no damage was done by you not responding to calls for service and that no member of the public discovered your activity which would have cast a completely different light on the harm caused to our Constabulary.”

While both officers admitted their conduct, Mr Dean said he was left with no option but to take disciplinary action.

He said: “Any outcome should be sufficient to demonstrate individual accountability for any abuse or misuse of police powers or standards of professional behaviour, if the confidence in the police service is to be maintained."

He added: “Having considered the case presented to me, my determination is that the least severe outcome that deals adequately with the issues identified whilst protecting the public interest is that both PC B and PC A should be dismissed without notice, this outcome has the additional consequence of being on the barred list.”