Boy racers ‘could kill someone’ warning

Tyre marks on roads in the Royce Road industrial area EMN-151205-105426009
Tyre marks on roads in the Royce Road industrial area EMN-151205-105426009
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There are fears someone will be killed by boy racers driving their cars at speed on a Peterborough road late at night and at weekends.

Yobs have been speeding down Royce Road in the east of Peterborough late at night, causing problems for some worshippers at the Sikh Temple on the road.

Last week police were called as more than 50 youths with souped up cars were present - with one driver speeding off, unaware officers were at the scene.

Manjit Singh, vice president at the temple, said he was worried someone would be killed by one of the drivers.

He said: “It is on an industrial estate, and groups of youngsters are coming up in the cars and having drag races.

“It is like something out of the Fast and Furious films.

“Two cars are driven up and down the road at high speed.

“You can see tyre marks on the road - they are so deep it looks like a lot of tread has been taken off the tyres. It looks like (dragster racing track) Santa Pod.

“My concern is that someone will be killed or seriously injured.

“It mostly happens at weekends and after midnight, and it has been going on for a while, but it has been getting worse lately.

“Sometimes we have late services or functions and people are leaving when the cars are out on the road.

“It is very dangerous.

“We have also found cans and bottles there in the morning, and have had to clean them away.

“We contacted police about it last year, but until recently they have not done anything.

I would like to see CCTV cameras put down there, so the culprits can be caught. Even police just going down there when the drivers are there would be a start.”

A Cambridgeshire police spokesman said officers had attended Royce Road on Saturday, May 9, and reported a number of offences.

The spokesman said: “We attended Royce Road on Saturday night to find 50 plus cars.

“Upon arrival one of these cars sped off showing off in front of a large group of people stood around.

“He wasn’t aware that we were behind him. We stopped this car and issued the driver with a section warning.

“Within five minutes they all started to move off.

“We also stopped another car just up the road which had tinted windows and a bald tyre, the driver was reported.

“Our plan is to engage with these ‘boy and girl racers’ and deal with all offences.”

Anyone with concerns about anti-social driving should call police on 101.