Big clean up challenge atcity's worst grot spots

The spring clean of Peterborough's streets has begun - but there have been calls for more to be done to keep the city streets tidy,

Saturday, 16th April 2016, 10:30 am
Fly tipping. Pic: Richard Farr

The annual clean up started at the beginning of the month, with fly-tipping and littering targeted, as well as graffiti and other issues.

But residents and councillors have said rubbish is an increasing problem in the city.

White goods, bags of rubbish, cans and even human waste have all be found by residents and councillors in Peterborough despite the ‘big clean’ starting two weeks ago.

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Fly tipping. Pic: Richard Farr

Ravensthorpe ward councillor Ed Murphy sent pictures to the Peterborough Telegraph of a number of examples of fly-tipping in and around his ward.

He said: “There is no excuse for it.

“I think the council could do more to crack down on this - they should look at re-employing road sweepers, and people to empty the bins.

“Other areas have tried initiatives like community skips, for people to get rid of their bulky waste and had some success.

Fly tipping. Pic: Cllr Ed Murphy

“I have also seen waste that could be put in brown bins thrown into hedgerows.

“And landlords have to take some responsibility. Even if you have an awkward tenant, businesses have to look after waste disposal.”

Resident Richard Farr said one of the worst ‘grot spots’ in the city was at the Embankment at Potters Way. He said he had found trade waste, used needles and even human waste left there.

Describing many areas of the city as ‘disgusting’ he said: “The reason for the flytipping is simple it’s the high cost of waste removal in the city. Also most of the waste I see now at the Embankment is garden waste. This is due to the brown bin charge.

Fly tipping. Pic: Cllr Ed Murphy

“The whole Peterborough area needs a massive clean and if I am honest it makes me very angry and upset that pen pushers never seem to visit the areas in question.”

Mr Farr said he had seen Amey officers walking past flytipping to get to other reported problems that had been reported earlier.

The spring clean was announced in March, with £100,000 allocated for the each of the next five years to tackle the problem.

Councillor Gavin Elsey, cabinet member of digital, waste and street scene, said We have listened to residents’ concerns on littering and this investment will fund an extensive spring clean operation for each of the next five years.

Fly tipping. Pic: Richard Farr

“ This spring time push will help clear fly-tipping, graffiti and the rubbish dropped by the irresponsible minority.”

Fly tipping. Pic: Cllr Ed Murphy
Fly tipping. Pic: Cllr Ed Murphy