Anger over mountain of fly-tipped waste in Peterborough street

The fly tipped waste
The fly tipped waste
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A Peterborough City Councillor has hit out at fly-tippers who dumped a huge amount of waste on a city street.

The pile of beds, doors, sofas and other rubbish was left on Vergette Street in Peterborough last week - and despite the waste piling up on the pavement, it had still not been cleared this morning (Monday).

Park Ward councillor Richard Ferris said: “We have had a lot of environmental crime in this part of Park Ward recently - there is stuff dumped almost every week - but this is one of the worst I have seen. It is awful.

“It looks like a house clearance - but a lot of the things left are soiled.

“It was reported by a resident last week, I reported it on Saturday and again this morning, but it had not been cleared. I don’t know why it has taken so long to clear.

“When you ask people if they have seen anything, no-one ever has. I don’t know if it is because they genuinely haven’t seen anything, or if they are being intimidated.”

Today is the first day residents can book for free bulky waste to be collected by Peterborough City Council.

The collections will start on December 11, and teh scheme will run for a trial period of three months.

Initially the council will make more than 1,000 free collections during the first month of the trial with a daily limit of up to 52 households. Across the second and third months a daily limit of 26 collections will be in place, although uptake will be monitored and this limit could be increased based on demand.

This trial is limited to one free collection per household on a first come first served basis. The collection will be for up to 10 items, including mattresses, fridge freezers, white goods and furniture.

But Cllr Ferris said: “I am not sure the message has got through on how the scheme works yet to everyone.

“I stopped one woman carrying a TV, who said it was going to be collected by the council - but it turned out she had not booked a slot, and she thought it would be collected.”

Residents will be able to phone Peterborough Direct on 01733 747474 to book a free bulky waste collection from Monday December 4 until March 5 2018. If the daily limit has not already been filled then the collection will take place on the householder’s next scheduled bin day as long as the items are by their bins by 6.45am.

Evidence will be collected to assess the impact the trial has on the number of fly-tipping incidents which will then be reviewed by councillors later in 2018.

Councillor Gavin Elsey, cabinet member for waste and street scene, said: “Fly-tipping is unacceptable. As well as costing the council and city money, it also represents a very real fire and public health risk and has a negative impact on the pride that residents have in their neighbourhoods.

“The trial will mean hundreds of households can benefit from free bulky waste collections to help them dispose of their waste responsibly over the Christmas period and into the new year.

“By introducing this free bulky waste trial we are playing our part in tidying up the city’s streets, but we need residents and businesses to help too. We’re also asking for all members of the public to alert us quickly of fly-tipping incidents by dialling 01733 747474 or reporting online via our website.”

Alternatively residents can visit the Household Recycling Centre in Dogsthorpe to dispose of any waste and recycling.

More information on the free bulky waste trial can be found at