Anger as Peterborough park vandalised

A Peterborough city councillor has spoken of her anger after a play park in the city was hit by vandals.

Wednesday, 17th November 2021, 5:00 am
The damage caused to the park

The park in Orton Wistow was hit by graffiti spraying yobs over the weekend.

The vandals used blue spray paint to cover the swings and slides with initials and other offensive markings.

While the mess was cleared by Peterborough City Council on Monday morning,

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Orton Waterville councillor Kirsty Knight said; “I had a report sent through from a resident on Monday morning about it, saying that the park had been vandalised.
“The park was only built this year and opened in the summer - it is so sad to see.

“Everyone who saw it was so devastated.”

Cllr Knight called the council to get the paint cleared on Monday morning, with workers arriving later in the day.

She said; “The council have been excellent. They came out pretty much straight away to wash the graffiti off. If they had not, the park would probably have to have been closed, because of some of the things that were sprayed on.

“But chemicals have been used to clean the paint off, and it all costs money that the council don’t really have.

“It is so sad when things like this happen.”

A Peterborough City Council spokesperson said it had cost £300 to clean the park; “The report was received by Aragon at 9.30 yesterday morning and by lunchtime the offensive and most of the other graffiti had been removed.

“Other items have been cleaned this morning but we will need to re-paint the new swings.”