15 youths caught following councillor's chase after anti-social behaviour incidents in Peterborough

A group of 15 young people were spoken to by police after throwing stones at homes in Peterborough last night.

Wednesday, 23rd May 2018, 1:29 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:43 am
Peterborough police news

Police received reports of a group of 15 10-17-year-olds throwing stones at a property from a building site in Stanground at around 5.50pm on Tuesday May 22.

Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner and Peterborough City Councillor for Stanground South Ray Bisby said: "I received a call at about 5.50pm today, from a resident in Barham Close to report a group of about 15 young people who had managed to get onto the Persimmon site from the roundabout at Park Farm.

"The group made up of both males and females, had thrown large stones at the windows of the homes of two older Gentlemen in Barham close. One of the gentlemen is in his mid 90s and and was very intimidated and upset.

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Standground South councillor and deputy Police Crime Commissioner Ray Bisby

"I called 999 and reported the incident. Then drove to the school in Cardea where I could see the group of young people making their way towards Morrisons. I made my way to the site and confronted the youths, who all started to run back over the site towards Park Farm roundabout with me chasing them.

"What the youths didn't know was that the police were heading towards Park Farm roundabout.

"The police were able to stop the youths just after they had climbed back through the fence. I was able to give information to the police before going around to check the two gentlemen were okay.

"The police took statements from the gentlemen who were shaken by the incident which had set off the house alarms. Going back to the Sergeant and Inspector who were with the youths, it would appear most of the youths are from other areas of Peterborough and only go to Stanground Academy School.

"The result is that the police are reporting the youths for anti-social behaviour and going to speak with the parents too."

A spokeswoman for Cambridgeshire Police said officers gave "words of advice" to the youths about anti-social behaviour and its consequences.

Cllr Bisby added: "The result was the gentlemen were happy the youths were caught and there are a few more youths who will think twice about coming around here to cause trouble because we take action."