Crackdown on town problems

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Tackling bad parking and dog fouling are priorities in Whittlesey for the next six months.

The decision to focus on these two issues was taken by Cambridgeshire Police and Fenland District Council after a month of speaking to residents through social media, door knocking and asking them to fill in questionnaires.

Elderly residents, and young people at Sir Harry Smith Community College were also spoken to.

The issue of parking will be a priority for the police while the council will focus on dog fouling.

Police Community Support Officer Ian Moll said: “To deal with parking we will be conducting patrols, in particular around areas identified in the questionnaires such as schools and the town centre.

“We work with Fenland District Council to have unclear lines and signs replaced.

“It’s as much about educating the public as to the bigger picture parking problems cause.

“For example, parking outside the police station to go to the cash machine – if we need to get out in a hurry seconds lost can make the difference between catching someone in the act or them getting clean away.”

PCSO Moll said there are concerns at parking in numerous locations, but in particular outside and near schools at the start and end of the day when parents are hurrying to drop off or pick up their children.

Police will be speaking with schools in and around Whittlesey and working with children to educate parents through them.

PCSO Moll added: “Officers are and will be enforcing parking. This might be words of advice, a fine of £30 or even points on your licence.

“We would encourage anyone visiting or living in Whittlesey to make good use of the free car parks in the town, and to think before they park.”

A spokesman for the district council said: “Our campaign on dog fouling has included putting up new signs, running community events and increasing targeted patrols by our Street Scene officers in key areas.

“In Whittlesey this includes Thornham Way park, New Road, Manor Park, Station Road and Cemetery Road.

“Concerns have also been raised about fouling near Alderman Jacobs School, Park Lane School, South Green and Crescent Road, so those areas have been targeted, too.”