Court: Wedding anniversary party gone wrong in Market Deeping

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Grantham magistrates heard yesterday how a wedding anniversary celebration gone wrong left a woman unconscious and a man charged with assaulting a police officer.

Steven Eason, 54, of Halfleet, Market Deeping appeared at Grantham magistrates on Monday and pleaded guilty to assaulting a constable in the execution of his duty.

At around 9.32pm on August 9, an officer was called to an address on Halfleet where it was reported four or five men were fighting and a woman had been hit.

On arrival the policeman described seeing women and children crying on the driveway and being approached by five men, and was informed that there was a woman inside who was unresponsive.

The officer made his way to the back of the property, where the defendant was drunkenly leaning against the fence between the garden and the driveway and shouted ‘Put the cuffs on me’.

As the policeman went to the rear door to check on the women inside, he was approached by Eason who attempted to throw a punch but instead hit the fence, and then approached with arms out and fists clenched.

The officer repeatedly tried to move Eason away, including pushing him back by the shoulders, and was then grabbed by the defendant who tightly gripped his wrists causing pain.

Eason let go, but as he continued to shout, swear and resist arrest the officer made the decision to get out his taser. As he was doing so the defendant’s brother came between them and had Eason in a ‘bear hug’.

The constable was then able to handcuff Eason and adminster first aid to the woman.

Representing Eason, Sonia Bhalla said: “He acknowledges that the officer was just doing his job and he shouldn’t have behaved like he did.”

She explained that it was Eason’s wedding anniversary and that they had been joined by family members and their kids, but after drinking ‘it had all got out of hand’.

Eason must pay £100 in compensation to the officer, a £75 fine, £20 victim surcharge, £85 prosecution costs and a £150 criminal court charge.