Council accuses Peterborough Telegraph of ‘creating a negative stigma’ towards homeless households

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Letters accusing the Peterborough Telegraph of “creating a negative stigma” towards homeless households have been sent to every household at St Michael’s Gate by Peterborough City Council.

The council’s head of housing needs Sean Evans said the authority had received complaints from a “number of “St Michael’s Gate residents following last PT’s articles about the estate, and that anyone upset about the PT’s “behaviour or actions” should raise them. However, the letter (pictured right) has been criticised by MP for Peterborough Fiona Onasanya. She said: “I’m surprised that the council has taken this approach, given that many residents in St Michael’s Gate have felt the need to speak out – whether that be to myself, their councillors or the press.

Sean Evans

Sean Evans

“Throughout the St Michael’s Gate saga the Peterborough Telegraph have simply reported on matters that are of grave concern to residents, and often, continued coverage has resulted in some of these issues being resolved.

“They’re just doing their job, which is why it’s concerning that the council has taken this antagonistic approach towards our local paper when it should be directed at Stef & Philips.”

Stef & Philips manages the properties and agreed the deal with the council to move its homeless families into St Michael’s Gate.

Cabinet member for housing Cllr Peter Hiller has also sent a letter to the PT about its coverage.

The letter sent out to St Michael's Gate residents

The letter sent out to St Michael's Gate residents


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