Communities come together 
to help desperate refugees

Sophie Antonelli and Jay Gearing
Sophie Antonelli and Jay Gearing
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Kind hearted residents from across the region are making a heartfelt plea to help desperate refugees.

A number of collections and campaigns have been set up to help men, women and children from war torn Syria and surrounding areas.

Many of the campaigns have followed publication of the picture of the body of little three-year-old Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi washed up on a Turkish beach.

In Peterborough, Sophie Antonelli and Jay Gearing are running a campaign to collect items to be sent to camps in Calais where many refugees are staying.

The pair, who will be collecting items at The Green Backyard in Oundle Road, are looking for men’s clothes and money to help.

Sophie said: “Myself and Jay are friends, and are trustees at the Green Backyard.

“We were talking about the refugee crisis, and we both had the sense of wanting to do more.

“It is happening so close to us, on our doorstep.

“We are both very busy people, but the humanitarian crisis is so enormous, we were able to get the Green Backyard board to agree to using the site as a drop off point.”

A fund raising gig will be held at the Voodoo Lounge in Stamford from 8pm on Saturday. People can bring items to the gig which will be taken to the Green Backyard collection.

Peterborough city councillor Darren Fower is also running an online appeal for money to help the refugees.

He said: “We need to do something. If I can do a little, then with everything else people are doing, then we can make a difference. I am looking to make £500 over the next few weeks, and hand it over to professionals to ensure it gets spent in the best way.

“It would be nice if the council could do something to put up a few of them - even if it is low numbers. We do have empty properties.”

A Peterborough City Council spokesman said they were still considering their position when asked for a comment.