City couple who ran for their lives return from Nepal

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A Peterborough couple had to run for their lives whenhuge rocks tumbled down the face of Mount Everest after the devastating Nepal earthquake.

George Vessey and Emily Laughton are back in Peterborough after good fortune saw them leave Kathmandu hours before the 7.8-magnitude quake struck and which also saw them narrowly avoid a nearby landslide that killed two people.

The 26-year-olds made it back to Heathrow more than a week after the earthquake hit thanks to help from the Israeli government.

George, from Peterborough Road, Castor, and Emily, from Chatsfield, Werrington, had been working in Australia for eight months and made a late change to their itinerary to see Nepal before coming home.

The couple, who met at Arthur Mellows Village College, were on their way to the Everest base camp but decided to stop off at a stone lodge for tea when they heard some vibrations.

George said: “We thought it was some sort of stampede because of the vibrations. The locals in the lodge started shouting and screaming.

“We ran outside and I could see on my left rocks the size of a head were tumbling down, about 10 to 15 of them. And on the right I saw Emily was falling over. It was pretty nerve-wracking.

“We thought we were running for our lives.

“We ran 50 metres into an open plain of land. The rocks were coming from halfway down the mountain and stopped 10 yards away.

“I was really quite shocked. My legs were shaking. Emily was smiling so much as she was happy to be alive.”

After returning to Lukla airport and being looked after by the locals, the couple were flown back to Kathmandu on Saturday.

Israeli nationals and Jews were being flown back by the Israeli government which agreed to take the pair back to Kathmandu after being alerted to their plight.

From there they flew to Heathrow where their parents were waiting for them.

George, who is extremely thankful to the Nepalese people and Israeli government for their help, spoke of the emotional moment the couple returned home.

He said: “It was overwhelming. We never felt completely safe until we saw our parents.“It was amazing to see them.”