City cat rescue centre forced to close doors

News from the Peterborough Telegraph
News from the Peterborough Telegraph
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A Peterborough cat rescue centre fears an increase in the number of cats and kittens being dumped after a sharp intake of abandoned felines has forced it to close its doors.

Peterborough Cat Rescue, which is based in the Ortons, is full to capacity with more than 30 unwanted kittens as “ignorant” owners continue turning a blind eye to getting their cats neutered against unwanted births.

Daphne Wilson, who runs the centre with Angela Kostiw, said: “We are over run with kittens looking for new homes and lots of young adults too. We are closing our doors as we can’t possibly take any more in until we home some of the kittens we already have.

“We’re sorry we’ve had to close but we can’t physically look after any more. It does make us worry about what’s going to happen to those cats and kittens we can’t take in, and where they’ll end up.”

Mrs Wilson said since the centre opened last year there have been several occasions when it has been bursting at the seams, with up to 35 kittens and cats being rehomed every month.

She said: “The reason there are so many unwanted kittens is purely because cats aren’t being neutered. It’s the same story every time. It’s not the cats who are getting pregnant, it’s the owners who are allowing them to.

“I have been doing cat rescue for 25 years now and I just can’t break through that barrier . People tell me they were going to get their kittens spayed but by the time they thought about it they were already pregnant. It’s just ignorant.”

She said neutering costs just £50, and with schemes available for people on benefits and low incomes “there is no excuse” not to have it done.

The centre takes kittens in before they are even born as many pregnant mothers are left there, but the kittens aren’t ready to be re-homed until they are at least nine weeks old.

“There’s a lot of hard work involved as many of the kittens need hand-rearing,” added Mrs Wilson.

Anyone interested in re-homing one of the cats or kittens can contact the centre on 07502 134006. The full address of the centre is not given as the sad reality is that people will choose to simply dump animals on the centre’s doorstep.

More about - Peterborough Cat Rescue: Cats Seeking Homes or telephone 07502 134006.