Children learn how they can be lifesavers

Deborah Slator at Park Lane Primary
Deborah Slator at Park Lane Primary
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Children are learning about the life-saving capabilities of defibrillators as part of a primary school campaign in Whittlesey.

Founder and chair of charity Defibrillators For All, Deborah Slator (53) is visiting four schools in May and June as part of a campaign to have one defibrillator for every 500 people in the town.

Eastrea Road resident Deborah and her charity have so far placed 18 defibrillators in Whittlesey, including at the four primary schools, and a 19th is on order.

The defibrillators are needed when someone suffers a cardiac arrest, but Deborah is keen to show children they are easy for anyone to use.

She said: “The chances of them being used is quite slim. It might only be once but that one time might be the difference.

“It’s about making sure we get some kind of education into the children, but also they are going home to see their parents and educate them.

“I explain anyone can use a defibrillator. We produce an eight-page booklet for each child to take home and in four weeks’ time I’ll come back in with a competition.”

Deborah has already visited Alderman Jacobs and Park Lane primary schools, and is visiting Coates on June 4 and New Road on June 17.

The children’s enthusiasm is so great one girl took her mum around Whittlesey and would not let her go home until they saw five defibrillators.

There was bad news for Deborah when she heard a defibrillator, which can cost up to £1,500 for all parts, had gone missing in Eastrea Road either late on May 18 or early May 19.

But she is thrilled with the progress the charity is making.She said: “I’m ecstatic, it’s grown bigger than we planned. Originally we wanted five in Whittlesey and thought that was a challenge. I do not know of a town with so many.’’