Child moved from Bourne Abbey Primary Academy after injury

A mother has moved her son out of a Bourne primary school after he was injured with a pencil by another pupil.

Friday, 9th September 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Monday, 12th September 2016, 5:23 pm
Kieron McKie with mother and stepfather Kerry and Adam Lilliman EMN-160509-181330009

Kerry Lilliman, 38, says her eight-year-old son Kieron McKie is “terrified” to return to Bourne Abbey Primary Academy after the incident, in which he was stabbed in his left hand.

The incident happened on July 5 and Kerry discovered it when she arrived to pick up Kieron.

His hand swelled overnight so the following day, he was taken to Peterborough City Hospital where he was given an X-ray. Doctors confirmed there was lead in his hand but decided to bandage it up and Kerry and her husband Adam were advised to keep it dry.

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Kieron was kept off school in the meantime and four weeks later, Kerry said that when the swelling hadn’t improved he had to have an operation under general anasthetic to have the lead removed, after the wound became infected.

Kerry says her son has been left “shaken up” by the incident. She said: “He’s been so good and even in the hospital, he was very brave going down to theatre.

“But he’s terrified to go back to Bourne Abbey and I refuse to send him back.”

Kerry and Adam returned to school the day after the incident to verbally complain to staff and ask for action to be taken against the pupil.

But they say they are not satisfied that enough has been done to ensure it won’t happen again and decided not to send Kieron back this term.

Kerry and Adam say they were asked to e-mail the governors to complain in writing, which Adam said they did on July 14, but they claim that they have had no response.

Kerry said: “This was an assault on my son during school hours and we are not happy.

“We were told the pupil has been dealt with but we feel they should have been excluded or other action taken. We also want an apology which we have not had.”

On Tuesday, they visited Thurlby Primary School, which had space available, and Kieron started there the following day.

Although he is disappointed to no longer be at school with his friends, Kerry said Kieron enjoyed a great first day in Year 4.

Executive headteacher at Bourne Abbey Sarah Moore said: “Although we have not received any form of complaint in writing and I have not been contacted at all, we have dealt with this issue appropriately and in line with our behaviour policy. We are satisfied that this was a one-off incident involving a young child and that the child in question doesn’t need to be excluded – being genuinely remorseful and knowing the actions were unacceptable.

“The school has communicated with the parents of the child who was injured on a number of occasions but despite offering to speak to them further and indicating that they could otherwise complain in writing via our school email address, we have heard nothing back.

“This is an outstanding, safe and successful school and parents can be assured we’ll continue to look after all pupils and provide the very best education.”