Charity donates £1,000 chair to brave youngster Effie

Effie Hadman in her new chair
Effie Hadman in her new chair
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Brave Effie Hadman, the Whittlesey child with Late Infantile Batten’s Disease - a neurodegenerative condition which means she has seizures and is gradually losing control of her body - has benefited from a specialist supportive seating system.

Effie (5) lost control of her head in December 2014 and for a long while the only place she could be comfortable and safe was in bed, which isolated her from family life.

Now she has a £1,028 P-Pod chair which means she can sit in comfort and safety due to its postural support and padded harness. And the chair can easily be moved anywhere in the house or garden and has even gone on holiday with the family.

Mum Carly said: “Effie absolutely loves her PPod. It means she can be part of family life again instead of being stuck in her bedroom. It has made a massive difference to family life and we would be lost without it.” The money for the chair came from Central England Co-operative after fundraisers helped hit the £1 million mark.