Census 2011: Population of Peterborough rises to 183,600

News from the Peterborough Telegraph
News from the Peterborough Telegraph
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Peterborough has had the ninth largest population growth in the whole of England and Wales over the last decade, Census statistics have revealed today (Monday).

Figures from the 2011 Census shows that the current population of the Peterborough local authority area is 183,600, a 16.6 per cent increase on the 157,400 living in the city in 2001.

This is the largest increase in the East of England and the ninth largest nationally with only Manchester, Milton Keynes, Leicester and five London boroughs experiencing bigger growth.

The report released by the Office of National Statistics this morning also shows that there are currently 74,000 households in the area with at least one usual resident.

The large increase in residents is likely to spark a renewed plea from Peterborough City Council to the Government for funding more reflective of the city’s population, which has been boosted in recent years by high levels of migration.

Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson said: “I have said for a number of years that we were not receiving the funding commensurate with the very significant increase in population.

“This is the result of uncontrolled and unplanned mass migration and it is incumbent on the Government to look at the revenue funding for the city based on the very significant stresses caused by the population increase on public services such as policing, education and health.”


Local and unitary authorities with the highest growth in population, 2001 and 2011:

- Peterborough (East of England) (ranked 9th in UK)

2001 population (thousands) = 157

2011 population (thousands) = 184

Change since 2001 (per cent) = 16.6


- Huntingdonshire (East of England)

2001 population = 169,500

2011 population = 157,200

Change since 2001 = 7.8%


- Fenland (East of England)

2001 population = 95,300

2011 population = 83,700

Change since 2001 = 13.9%


Figures from report Census shows increase in population in the East of England - www.ons.gov.uk

Also see the Guardian Data blog’s interactive map: Census 2011


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