Can you give tenacious Tiggi a new home?

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A tenacious abandoned dog is in need of a new home after more than a year at an animal rescue centre.

Four year-old Tiggi has kept a firm hold on hope since he has been at the RSPCA rescue centre-Block Fen, since June 2015.

When Tiggi arrived last year after being rescued when abandoned in a flat in Southwark he was scared and alone and needed a loving home, but now one year on he still doesn’t have that home.

Sally Jones, manager at Block Fen said: “Tiggi is a delightful chap and is a pleasure to care for.

“It is such a shame he keeps being overlooked - we just don’t know why as he has the most beautiful colourings of brown, white and brindle, with the sweetest personality to match. He is a real favourite here with both staff and volunteers.

“He would make a perfect addition to the family for anyone looking for a loving pet, we really hope we can soon see him go off to the home he has waited so long to find.”

In his lengthy year in the kennel, Tiggi has even appeared on the national TV show,‘The dog rescuers,’ but somehow still after having no luck his hopes for a forever home maintain fixed.

Tiggi would love and deserves a family that can take him on long active walks in the countryside, as his eager energy and attitude towards life can be kept alive through being energetic. Tiggi adores playing ball and loves to please you with games of fetch and even has a few tricks up his sleeves as he is now learning flyball.

Tiggi’s ideal home would be one where there are no other animals as he needs space to settle back into a normal home environment after such a long time away from one. Tiggi could also live with children but they would have to have experience with dogs as Tiggi will be new to a home environment.

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