Cambridgeshire woman becomes a premium bond millionaire in October draw

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A Cambridgeshire woman and a Derbyshire man have become the latest Premium Bond millionaires following October’s draw.

The woman owns £29,995 in Premium Bonds, with the lucky winning bond purchased in April 2005. The second millionaire holds £39,625 worth on Premium Bonds, having bought the winner just one year ago.

National Savings and Investments (NSandI), which offers the bonds, said a total of 2.2 million prizes worth more than £64 million were handed out in the October draw.

Unlike traditional savings accounts, Premium Bonds pay out monthly prizes rather than interest.

The annual prize fund rate is currently 1.35%, with the odds of each individual Bond number winning a prize at 26,000 to one.

There are currently more than 1 million unclaimed prizes worth more than GBP50 million. To check whether any of those winnings belong to you, visit the NSandI ‘prize checker’ page on the following link