Cambridgeshire fire service freezes council tax precept

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Saturday 7am: Residents in Peterborough will not pay any more towards their fire service this year after Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Fire Authority (CPFA) agreed to freeze its council tax precept for 2015/16.

The decision was unanimously approved by members at a Fire Authority meeting on Thursday (February 12).

Savings of more than £4 million have already been made by Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service (CFRS), therefore the Authority can afford to freeze its portion of council tax and instead, accept an additional grant of £185,000 from the Government.

The budget settlement issued to the Authority in December was in line with what was expected and therefore the Service has already implemented changes to make these savings. As a result, no further cuts will need to be made at this time.

Sir Peter Brown, Fire Authority Chairman, said: “I am pleased that yet again we have frozen our part of the council tax precept for the next financial year, and we are proud to continue providing a top quality service that is value for money to the people of Cambridgeshire.”

Chief Fire Officer Graham Stagg added: “Over the past three years the Authority and staff have made exceptional efforts to make our Service the best it can be and as efficient as possible. Their hard work means we are able to continue to freeze our portion of the council tax. We will however, continue to seek further cost savings and look at ways to make our Service better to keep the cost to the community as cheap as possible.

“We have a potential change in Government coming in the next few months and we all know the budget deficit is still a long way from being balanced. Therefore, we are expecting further cuts in the future but we are already thinking about how to achieve savings whilst maintaining, as much as possible, the frontline service that we are proud to deliver.”