Calls for action after road crashes near Peterborough schools

There have been calls for action after road crashes near two Peterborough schools.

Friday, 22nd November 2019, 5:00 am

City councillors said there have been a number of incidents in Ledbury Road and Atherstone Avenue, outside Jack Hunt School and Thorpe Primary School.

Photos taken from the crashes show badly damaged cars - including one which ended up on its roof - while there have been reports of parked cars being hit and vehicles even hitting lampposts.

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A car on its roof in Ledbury Road
A car on its roof in Ledbury Road

Now, Labour city councillor for Ravensthorpe Lucinda Robinson is calling for 20mph zones to be introduced outside of the schools.

Cllr Robinson said it was “very alarming” to hear of the crash earlier this month which left a car on its roof outside Jack Hunt, adding: “If it had been just a little bit later in the morning there would have been many young children on that road.

“Local residents have shared with me a number of road incidents happening on Ledbury Road and Atherstone Avenue. There has been damage to parked cars and front walls here over the last couple of years and there is a high level of concern about road safety and, in particular, speeding.

“I did press the Highways team at the council back in the summer about the idea of 20mph zones for locations within my ward but was informed that this wasn’t an option as the council doesn’t have a policy on them at present.

A damaged car in Ledbury Road after a crash

“This has been very disappointing as 20mph zones are in place outside some of our village schools in the Peterborough area, so why not have the same for roads in our residential areas?

“Cllr Ed Murphy and myself will be pursuing this matter further in the hope of securing 20mph zones outside schools in this ward and hopefully across the city.”

A spokesperson for Peterborough City Council said: “We are currently awaiting the updated accident data for the whole unitary area to see where there are accident clusters and we will then be undertaking a review to see if/where road safety measures maybe needed.

“We take any concerns about highways matters seriously and are committed to keeping the city’s roads as safe as possible.”