Call to get to the root oftree problems

Councillors have called for teams to tackle dangerous overgrown and overhanging trees across Peterborough.

Saturday, 6th August 2016, 11:30 am
John and Judy Fox with Steve Lane looking at overgrown trees at Livermore Green, Werrington EMN-160722-115606009

Werrington councillor John Fox said the number one complaint he heard from residents was about trees - and Ravensthorpe councillor Ed Murphy said he thought the situation was dangerous.

Both said more needed to be done to tackle the issue.

Cllr Fox said: “Trees in Werrington are the number one complaint we get - more than speeding, parking and other issues.

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“The trees are so tall and they are blocking light and paths. There are also trees which are planted in the wrong location - there is a sycamore tree outside elderly people’s homes - which means residents have to keep coming out to pick up the seeds.

“I would like to see a Werrington tree strategy from the council, so something is done to tackle the problem.”

Cllr Murphy added: “There are a few trees in the Willenholt area, which are blocking paths and the light.

“The trees also need to be kept safe - we don’t want big branches falling onto people, as it is very dangerous.

“I know there are a few on private land, but the council should make sure as many trees as possible are kept trimmed and in a safe condition. We should be looking after our trees.”

A spokesman for Peterborough City Council said there was a schedule of tree works being carried out across the city over the summer. The spokesman said the works are designed to maintain or enhance the tree population, facilitate the removal of dangerous or potentially hazardous trees, promote biodiversity and conservation of the tree and woodland eco-system and conserve veteran trees with significant ecological, historical and amenity value.