Traveller problems continue on industrial estate

Travellers that have set up camp around the Royce Road industrial estate
Travellers that have set up camp around the Royce Road industrial estate
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Businesses have been forced to close for periods and trade has slumped as problems continue with travellers on a Peterborough industrial estate.

Firms in Royce Road, on the Carr Road Industrial Estate in Eastern Industry, Peterborough, say customers have been put off coming to the estate ever since travellers pitched up six weeks ago.

There are also claims that staff have been threatened by the travellers as the row to get them moved off the site rumbles on.

There are currently around 10 caravans parked in various business car parks, with one of them completely blocking the customer exit at Senate Electrical.

The firm’s warehouse manager, Neil Hayes said: “Cars are having to reverse down a one-way entrance because the exit is blocked.”

He also claimed children have been defecating at the side of the building and said the store has had to close because of the problems.

He added: “We didn’t open last Saturday as usual because we can’t be doing with all the trouble and I’m not sure if that’ll happen again. The main trade centre door was also shut last week because one of our managers was threatened.”

A Sterling Bolt and Nut spokeswoman said: “We haven’t had to close yet but trade is definitely down.”

Sterling’s owner Douglas Samuel said firms have threatened to stop paying business rates unless they get help.

The police have said it is not their responsibility to move travellers on and Peterborough City Council has said it cannot help as it is private land.