This is why Peterborough was plunged into darkness as widespread power cut affected thousands of homes and businesses

UK Power Networks have apologised to customers in Peterborough
UK Power Networks have apologised to customers in Peterborough

UK Power Networks have today explained the reason why thousands of Peterborough homes and businesses were plunged into darkness on Friday night and apologised to customers.

A widespread blackout affected most of Peterborough at 10.50pm on Friday, August 17, with house lights, street lights, the internet connection and phone lines all being cut out, while house and car alarms were also reported to be have gone off.

Once the power had returned a few minutes later UK Power Networks was inundated with messages on Twitter from residents in Peterborough wondering what had happened.

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One of the replies said: "It was a fault on our high voltage network which our engineers are still investigating." Another said: "We had a large power cut affecting the area. We have managed to divert supplies, restoring all properties."

A spokesperson for UK Power Networks said today, Monday: "UK Power Networks engineers restored electricity supplies within five minutes following an incident at an electricity substation in Peterborough at 10.50pm on Friday which interrupted supplies to several thousand properties.

"We apologise to customers for any inconvenience caused."

Despite the widespread inconvenience there were some attempts at humour.

Kevin Jeffery wrote on Twitter: "Someone put 50p in the meter."

Terry Harris also tweeted: "If there is an unexpected fault that causes thousands to be without power again, (peterborough) can you please let every millennial know in advance via Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp and text message. TIA."