Sushi Daily comes to Peterborough

Sushi Daily at Waitrose, Peterborough
Sushi Daily at Waitrose, Peterborough

The fast growing Sushi Daily chain brought its range of artisan-created delights to Peterborough today, with the opening of a sushi bar at the city’s Waitrose store.

The Japanese-inspired fusion food has become hugely popular in recent years, and Sushi Daily now has opened more than 40 outlets in Waitrose in just 18 months.

Regional manager Jeremy Samuels commented: “Celebrity chefs have really opened people’s eyes in the UK to different cuisines.

“We grey up with Indian curries and Chinese food, and more recently Mexican food, but 20 years ago no one would have touched sushi, would they?

“Since the millennium, though, sushi has become so much more mainstream and people want it fresh.”

The sushi bar is takeaway only (you can order) with the artisans creating and stocking up while you stand and watch.

There is a wide selection including maki, verde, nigiri, sashimi and genmai, as well as hot gyoza dumplings, salads and some desserts.