Staff at a Peterborough company are getting fitter in work time

ABAX staff are getting fitter at work.
ABAX staff are getting fitter at work.
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Staff at Peterborough’s ABAX are getting fit in the workplace to help spur them on to greater success.

Employees are allowed to exercise for an hour a week during work time.

Some are getting active with the help of a personal trainer, others are heading out for a run through the city, and some taking the opportunity to go for a walk around the block.

Improving employees’ fitness can have significant benefits for organisations, including increasing productivity and boosting wellbeing.

Chris Miller, ABAX UK chief executive, said: “Involving staff in group sessions such as circuit training, running or power walking helps to build team spirit within the workplace and friendships away from the office.

“Exercise makes people feel good. Why wouldn’t we want that in the office?”

Kelley Carey, from Pure Personal Training who leads the sessions at the office in the Allia Future Business Centre, said: “Exercising regularly can really help a person cope with the stress and pressure of a busy working environment.

“This is why work-site fitness programs such as the bootcamp and circuit sessions that we provide have gained in popularity. By offering fitness programs to employees on site, it removes any barriers or excuses to exercise for staff such as time, cost, convenience, and weather conditions.”

Guy Sharpe, ABAX UK key account manager, said: “The circuit training invigorated everyone involved.

“Some people took a little bit of convincing to join in but ultimately they seemed to have surprised themselves by how much fun it is to train as a group.”

Sam Craddock, ABAX UK team leader, added “More companies should try this. I work out a lot but have really enjoyed these sessions. There is more of a buzz in the office and everybody seems happier.”