Shailesh Vara receives assurances from MasterCard regarding proposed redundancies in Peterborough

Shailesh Vara
Shailesh Vara
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MP Shailesh Vara says he has received assurances from the president of MasterCard Prepaid Management Services regarding proposed redundancies at its centre in Hampton, Peterborough.

Mr Vara, the MP for North West Cambridgeshire, criticised the firm this week for not disclosing how many members of staff are being consulted with regarding possible redundancies due to services being outsourced to Bulgaria and the Philippines.

At his meeting yesterday (Friday, August 7) with Graham Perry, Mr Vara said he had urged him to give a precise figure as to the number of people who will be affected but that Mr Perry would not commit to this, saying that he wanted his staff to be told first of the numbers involved.

Mr Perry is also reported to have said it was substantially less than the 600 that had previously been suggested to the Peterborough Telegraph.

Mr Vara said that Mr Perry also assured him that MasterCard had every intention to continue in Peterborough and, given that some of their work is of a seasonal nature, he hoped the impact on permanent staff would be kept to a minimum.

To the extent that there will be redundancies, Mr Vara sought assurances that the individuals affected would receive all the help possible to find alternative employment and where necessary individuals would be offered retraining.

Mr Perry gave this assurance, Mr Vara said. He also confirmed that MasterCard would organise jobs fairs to which other local employers who are seeking to take on more people would be invited.

Mr Vara said: “I had a very constructive conversation with Mr Perry and whilst I remain disappointed that he will not provide a specific number of the people affected, he has given me his assurance that it is substantially less than the figure that has previously been referred to.

“I have made clear to Mr Perry that in the interests of transparency and certainty, he should disclose the number as soon as possible.

“It is of course regrettable that there will be some redundancies. I am however pleased that Mr Perry has given me his assurance that those affected will receive help to find alternative employment, including having jobs fairs to which other local employers will be invited.

“Additionally, Mr Perry has agreed to provide retraining for some individuals where it is appropriate to do so.”

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