Peterborough Arena will “fine tune traffic flow” following Billy Connolly’s “win for the city”

Peterborough Arena.  ENGEMN00120130125132652
Peterborough Arena. ENGEMN00120130125132652
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Bosses at Peterborough Arena have promised to review what went well and how improvements can be made after issues with traffic and seating angered fans attending comedian Billy Connolly’s show on Friday night.

The Peterborough Telegraph received a large number of complaints from residents who attended the show, many of whom missed the start of the show due to traffic outside the venue and parking delays, or had to stand because of confusion over seating arrangements inside.

But General Manager Jason Lunn told the Peterborough Telegraph this sort of gig is “a win for the city” and he will be reviewing what went well as well as how the venue could improve in future.

He said: “It is a win for the city when we can attract big names like Billy Connolly to the arena. This was our first big act at the venue and we thank everyone who attended this sell-out event.

“We, of course, have to look at what went well and review those areas in which we can further improve. We are proactively looking at how we can fine tune the traffic flow in and out of the venue at our large-scale events.

“Outside of the showground it was unfortunate that there were some traffic issues – these were outside of our control and delayed some visitors from getting into the showground on time. We worked hard to get those people parked quickly, but the show could not be delayed.”


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