One job loss as Peterborough Regional College starts restructure

Peterborough Regional College
Peterborough Regional College
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A restructure at Peterborough Regional College has seen a staff member made redundant, and there could be lecturers made redundant next year.

The college, which employs 773 people, is carrying out two reviews.

A spokeswoman said: “Peterborough Regional College undertakes periodic reviews to ensure that we’re operating efficiently. This is important for our financial sustainability but also to make sure that taxpayers, who account for about 70 per cent of our income, are getting good value for money.”

The first review has now finished, with subject areas - such as hair and beauty and hospitality and catering - merging, leading to one person being made redundant.

Plans to reduce the number of layers between tutors and their managers has seen further roles removed, but affected members of staff have been offered lecturing positions with their salaries unaffected for the next two years.

Overall, just one person has been made redundant.

However, the spokeswoman added: In the next stage of our adjustments, scheduled from January onwards, it is possible that the overall number of lecturers may reduce as we transfer out some non-teaching responsibilities to other staff in the way that many colleges already have.

“However, it is also likely that a growth in student numbers may offset some of that.” She added that it was impossible to offer figures at this stage.