New mobile app allows Peterborough residents to report potholes and refuse issues

'My Peterborough' mobile phone app screenshot.
'My Peterborough' mobile phone app screenshot.
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A new mobile app has just been launched by Peterborough City Council to make it easier to report potholes and late bin collections.

The My Peterborough app will allow residents to report an issue using their smartphones and then be updated on what action is being taken by the council or its partners.

The app is being launched today with seven categories but will grow to include more and more council services in the future.

People can use the app to report potholes, abandoned vehicles, fly-tipping, missed bin collections, damage to play areas, litter and piles of rubbish on private property.

They will also be able to send pictures.

Councillor Nigel North, the council’s cabinet member for Environment Capital and neighbourhoods, said: “This app is another way people can get in touch with us and let us know about a problem so we can fix it as soon as possible.

“You can download the app for free and if you spot a concern, press a button and let us know.

“This will help us do an even better job of looking after the city and residents can play an active part.

“What I also really like about the app is that once a problem has been reported we can send alerts back to your phone to let you know what is happening.

“If it’s a pothole, we can tell you when it’s been filled in and if it’s a missed bin collection, we can inform you when it will be collected.

“We will continue to develop the app and in the future you will have most council services at your fingertips.”

If people want to report a problem they can open the app, follow the simple instructions and provide a few details about the issue and then send it to the council.

To receive updates about the progress of a reported issue, people will need to register with the app.

The app will also contain contact details for all Peterborough city councillors.

The My Peterborough app is available for iOS and on Android, just visit the App Store or Google Play.

Have you tried the app? What did you think?

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