Maestro Carlos beats the Solidrums path as distributor

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DRUMMING maestro and tutor Carlos Parlato has extended his range of drum kits at El Tano Drums, by becoming the UK and Europe-wide distributor for Solidrums.

The professional range of drums, with finishes in wood and acrylic, are priced from about £1,950.

“The big difference is in the sound – they are tuned to ‘one note in between,’ a professional set-up,“ said Carlos.

These drums are custom made in Buenos Aires, and shipped direct from Argentina to the UK.

Students young and old alike, beginners and professional standard, are welcome at the El Tano studio, in The Square, Fengate, Peterborough.

“I teach the person, not the subject,” said Carlos. “I look at what they can and cannot do, then help them to see a better way.

“Teaching is a two-way process where both parties benefit from the experience.”

As well as a £6,000 Roland recording studio kit, he has different configurations of Premier and Gretsch kits in the main studio.

All lessons are recorded, via the professional recording studio, which gives students the opportunity to concentrate on any weaknesses they may have, such as left or right hand work, or footwork.

Carlos can also prepare students who wish to do degree courses at the Drumtech Drum and Percussion School in London.

For more details, call Carlos on 01733 873147. For more details of Solidrums, visit