Leading Peterborough employer to move city jobs to India

Travelex, in Thorpe Wood, Peterborough.
Travelex, in Thorpe Wood, Peterborough.
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A major employer in Peterborough is to move scores of jobs from the city to India.

Foreign exchange company Travelex, based in Worldwide House, in Thorpe Wood, has been consulting with staff for months over its plans to move some jobs to Asia.

It is understood that about 75 finance jobs will be lost to Peterborough.

Travelex employs up to 400 people in Peterborough.

The remaining staff cover a variety of functions including human resources, IT and customer service.

It is understood that the company is seeking to make the redundancies to improve efficiency and to cut costs.

The news comes just days after it was revealed that another Peterborough finance company is to shift a possible 50 jobs to Lithuania.

Global financial company Western Union Business Solutions is proposing to transfer the jobs to Lithuania.

The company is still consulting staff over the planned move.


Peterborough employer plans jobs move to Lithuania