Innovative Peterborough company secures new funding to grow production

Scientists at work at Camari in Peterborough.
Scientists at work at Camari in Peterborough.
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The research and development arm of a Peterborough chemicals manufacturer has just secured a £60,000 grant to boost production.

The micronutrient formulation company Camari, which is part of Safapac Holdings, in Stapledon Road, Orton Southgate, needs to increase the amount it can produce in order to meet rising customer demand.

Barry Cornett, managing director of Safapac Holdings, in Peterborough.

Barry Cornett, managing director of Safapac Holdings, in Peterborough.

The company, which serves the farming industry, will build a pilot plant to allow its output to grow from the current laboratory level of one to five litres to a manufacturing scale of 5,000 litres.

A spokesman said: "Demand is very high for the products Camari works on, particularly because of their lower environmental impact, so it’s important Camari can deliver higher quantities than it currently does.

"Camari can only currently produce small quantities of any formulation it may be working on. That’s fine when you’re trying to develop something new, but obviously there comes a point where you have to try to scale it up a bit before it goes to mass production."

The funding has been awarded by the Agri-Tech Grant Programme, which is run by the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority.

Production at Safapac in Peterborough.

Production at Safapac in Peterborough.

Barry Cornett, managing director of Safapac Holdings, said: “The grant is a boost to the city’s R&;D sector.

"It’s a huge opportunity for Camari. The firm has tremendous potential - this grant allows us to realise that potential and we are incredibly excited to see the business go from strength to strength.

"It’s also incredibly important specialist businesses like Camari are able to thrive in Peterborough and the region – any local economy needs job diversity to attract top talent to the area and encourage those with the relevant skills to stay.

"This grant means Camari will continue to provide top quality skilled jobs and provide more opportunities for employment in the future.”

Martin Lutman, Agri-Tech programme manager, said: “With a focus on value and lower environmental impact, Camari Ltd demonstrates an ambitious and responsible industry mindset that

challenges a more sustainable future for the creation and upscale of micronutrient formulations.

"We applaud their growth aims are pleased to be able to offer grant funding to support their growth needs.”