Drinkers can pinpoint their tipple at beer festival thanks to new app

Kristian Brown with his Peterborough Beer Festival app. Photo supplied
Kristian Brown with his Peterborough Beer Festival app. Photo supplied
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If you have ever felt spoilt for choice at the Peterborough Beer Festival then a new mobile web app could be the answer.

The app, launched for the first time this year by web developer Kristian Brown, lets users access lists of the hundreds of drinks on offer at the event.

It helps people to find beers by brewery, as well as by strength and style and has ‘tasting notes’ for each of the 500 plus drinks on sale, helping drinkers to pinpoint their tipple.

Drinkers at the annual festival, which is being held at the Embankment until Saturday, have already given it the thumbs up.

Kristian (40) of St Paul’s Road, Peterborough, said: “I thought I’d combine my day job skills with a couple of my passions; real ale and the local beer festival. I’ve been going for the last 23 years, so it was about time I put something back.

“The inspiration came from the fact that, while the local CAMRA team produce a great paper programme with all the beers in, I often either lose it, or lose the pen I take to ‘score’ the beers I taste.

“The one thing I know everyone tries to look after, even after a beer or two, is their smart phone and I realised that I could create a small mobile app.

“It’s had great feedback, and I’ve been able to incorporate a few suggestions from Peterborough residents I’ve had via Twitter. I know that over 800 people have already taken a look, and word is spreading.

“It’s completely free - I wanted to do my little bit for the Beerfest, as I really admire all the volunteers who give their time so the city can have an event to be proud of.

“It’s been tested on iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows phones, so it should work for everyone.”

Users can also vote for their favourite drink using a 1 to 5 star system which displays the top 25 drinks as voted by visitors to the festival.

Music fans can find out who and what the live music is, when they are on, and links to their band websites.

There is other miscellaneous information too, including opening times, how to find the festival, and contact details for the local CAMRA.

The Beerfest Web App can be found by visiting beerfest.kristianbrown.co.uk/app/.

For more information about the beer festival visit www.beer-fest.org.uk or call 01733 896555.