‘Deeply disappointed’ MP Shailesh Vara hits out at Mastercard over potential Peterborough redundancies

Shailesh Vara
Shailesh Vara
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MasterCard has been criticised over potential redundancies at its Peterborough office by MP Shailesh Vara.

Mr Vara, whose North West Cambridgeshire constituency covers the firm’s office in Hampton, said he was “deeply disappointed” by the news that staff were at risk of losing their jobs with some services being outsourced to Bulgaria and the Philippines.

MasterCard has confirmed it is consulting with staff in Peterborough but says it does not know how many people will be affected.

An employee at MasterCard in Peterborough, who wished to be anonymous, said he had been told that 300 permanent members of staff will be made redundant, with up to another 300 employees who are subcontracted to the firm also to lose their jobs.

These figures were disputed by MasterCard with a spokesperson saying they were “absolutely not accurate.”

Mr Vara said: “This is deeply disappointing news. If the scale of the redundancies reported by the Peterborough Telegraph is correct then this will come as a real blow to the many people involved as well as having an impact on the local economy in Peterborough.

“The statement from MasterCard is also not helpful: a lot of words that really don’t say much. They dispute the figures given by the PT but refuse to clarify the point.

“I’m sure MasterCard have an idea of the numbers involved and they should say what they are. That is the least that they can do by way of some certainty for their employees.

“And if the redundancies go ahead, I very much hope that MasterCard will do all it can to assist those affected to find suitable alternative employment.”

The statement referred to by Mr Vara came yesterday (Tuesday, August 4) from a MasterCard spokesperson after the news broke about potential redundancies.

The spokesperson said: “MasterCard is a dynamic and fast moving global business, and alongside our focus on building the world’s leading secure digital payments network and solutions we also look to drive organizational efficiency across our business.

“Today, we have commenced a consultation period with some of our MasterCard Prepaid Management Services employees based in Peterborough.

“This decision is a result of ongoing evaluation of operations and our subsequent decision to outsource some services to a third-party vendor.

“We are committed to working with our employees to ensure we follow the correct process for consultation.

“As this is a consultation process we do not have a final number of employees who will be affected by this process but can confirm that the number given to the Peterborough Telegraph is absolutely not accurate.”

The spokesperson added: “MasterCard intends to retain the majority of our workforce and our operations in Peterborough but in alignment with other MasterCard business functions we are outsourcing an element of our business to both Bulgaria and the Philippines.”

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