Cyber criminals pose daily threat to Peterborough companies

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Companies in Peterborough are fighting a daily battle to stay ahead of cyber hackers.

However, many enterprises of all types and sizes are falling victim to the scammers because they are not taking the basic measures to protect themselves.

George Smith, managing director of Kamarin Computers, in Peterborough.

George Smith, managing director of Kamarin Computers, in Peterborough.

The alarm has been sounded by George Smith, the managing director of Kamarin Computers, of Woodston, Peterborough, which specialises in dealing with computer software issues.

Mr Smith said: “We can receive 10 calls a day for help from companies that have become victims of cyber hackers.

“Unfortunately, this problem is commonplace. Companies in Peterborough are being hacked on a daily basis.

Mr Smith added: “Major cyber attacks can be catastrophic and some companies in the UK have paid the ultimate price because they were unprepared.

Cyber crime.

Cyber crime.

“While there is not a 100 per cent safe system, firms need to ensure they have a back up system in place and ensure they provide proper training for staff so they know the warning signs.”

Figures show cyber crime and IT-related security breaches cost the national economy £27 billion in 2015.

A survey last year found 65 per cent of large firms detected a cyber security breach or attack in the previous 12 months.

Now Kamarin Computers has teamed up with Hegarty’s Solicitors, of Peterborough, to host a breakfast event at the Holiday Inn West, in Thorpe Wood, on October 4, to look at issues around cyber security.

To attend, register at:


Peterborough boss at the forefront of fight against cyber crime