Carlos drums up a storm at new site

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As a professional drummer and session musician, Carlos Parlato has built up an impressive CV – having worked with global stars such as gloria estafan, Rikki Martin and Shakira.

As a professional drummer and session musician, Carlos Parlato has built up an impressive CV – having worked with global stars such as gloria estafan, Rikki Martin and Shakira.Throw into the mix that he has also sessioned and gigged with Courtney Pine, US blues singer Joe Jonas and UK band Limeshark, and toured and played in front of vast, 150,000-strong crowds in North and South America, and you get a sense of his standing after more than four decades in music.

Drums and drumming are not only Argentine-born Carlos’s profession, but his passion and his life.

Drummers and musicians alike, take note that the sticks maestro has moved his business to new studios in Fengate.

Carlos – better known to his friends as El Tano (the eagle) – needed more space than the single room he had at his previous premises, in York Road, Peterborough, and has set up at 19-20 The Square, off Vicarage Farm Road.

He is building specialist rooms for recording drums and percussion, a live room for bands and vocal booths for singers and solo artists. There are different rooms for different instruments.

“I want my studio to be unlike any other – an exciting, vibrant and relaxing space,” he said.

The premises provide an improved and safe environment for Carlos’s students whom he refers to as his “big family”.

They range from four to 60-year-olds. Learning about the instruments, the rudiments and rhythm are just part of the fun.

“I teach the person, not the subject,” said Carlos. “I look at what they can and cannot do, then help them to see a better way.

“Teaching is a two-way process where both parties benefit from the experience.”

Carlos says there are three key points to individual success – grasping the tempo, gaining confidence and playing from the heart.

His studio has all types of drums and drum kits for all types of music. It is where you can hear the snap of sticks on snare, the driving pulse of the bass drum and the crash of cymbals, which add up to the sound of a master drummer, who brings a lifetime of experience and plays any style of music.

He performs live with a number of bands, and also conducts recording sessions.

He is passionate about his music whether it is funk, rock, latin, jazz or Bhangra – and, like his eagle motif, is a man sharply focused on his “prey”, that is achieving his goals through perseverance.

He talks of his ideologies, his passions and his heartfelt endeavours.

But, as well as his gigging, session work and recording stints, he dreams of establishing an academy on the model of the famous Berklee Academy, in New York, where he studied. He is also planning to create his own record label.

This will be the culmination of a life’s works for the 46-year-old musician.

Flash back 45 years and, as his mother recalls, a one-year-old Carlos was beating cooking pans with sticks. Early inspiration came from watching uncles, Tony and Miguel, rehearsing with their band.

Carlos first played in a band at the age of seven; many more bands would follow.

When he was 16, he signed to do session work with Warner Music, in Buenos Aires, in Argentina. Three years later, he worked with Gloria Estefan and other South American bands.

He was realising his dream of playing all styles of music. After 25 years, he finished with Warner in 2003.

He came to England, to join his family in Peterborough and to work independently. For a while he worked part-time at Live Music and played in bands.

In 2004, Carlos started on his own in one big room, in York Road, where he was mainly teaching and doing some recording.

But he needed extra space to develop his recording studio and academy ambitions, so, at the beginning of this year, he moved his business to Fengate.

Carlos works closely developing new ideas for his sponsor, Solidrums in Argentina.

He also works for Nacro – the crime reduction charity – helping to bring the experience and joy of drumming to ex-offenders and disadvantaged people.

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