Business Surgery: Don’t miss out on top calibre candidates

Anne Corder of Anne Corder Recruitment
Anne Corder of Anne Corder Recruitment
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With concerns rising over a skills shortage in the UK it is even more important that your business stands out to qualified, talented candidates.

Whether you’re launching a recruitment drive, hiring for a senior level position or looking for entry-level graduates you will want to attract top calibre candidates each and every time.

You want them to be qualified for the role, with the right experience and the right soft skills for your business.

But how do you make your business stand out to those candidates? Start by reviewing your recruitment strategy.

Consider whether you could benefit from a talent attraction service that will have a ready-made pool of talented candidates, to then be handpicked for your organisation.

Also look at how you’re currently reaching out to your potential candidates.

If you’re looking for digital savvy experts, consider using social media to shout about your great new opportunity.

Offer the right benefits. Tailor the benefits you’re offering to the type of candidate you want to attract.

If you’re looking to hire for a part-time role consider how flexible working may be an attractive benefit too.

If you think your vacancy would be applicable to those willing to relocate for the job, consider including relocation support too.

Appeal to the candidate’s ambitions. Talented individuals also tend to be ambitious and driven.

When you’re putting together a job description highlight the progression opportunities that will be open to them.

Is there an example of an individual who you’ve previously hired that has great progression and is now in a senior role? Use them as an example at interview.

Be enthusiastic about the opportunity. Be prepared for the interview and ready to offer answers on questions regarding progression, and explain why the opportunity is an exciting one.

Opt for a recruitment agency that reflects your company culture.

If you choose to use a recruitment agency then make sure they’re familiar with your organisation and the soft skills you’re looking for.

When they’re in contact with potential and talented candidates you want them to be giving the candidates a flavour of what your organisation is all about.

Do not let them just take your word for it! Offer potential hires the opportunity to speak to one of your current employees or to read a case study about their experience working at your organisation.

Hearing straight from fellow employees what the business culture, benefits and workplace are like will be both reassuring and encouraging.