BREAKING: Hamerton Zoo Park evacuated after police and air ambulance rush to “serious incident”

Police and air ambulance at Hamerton Zoo Park. CREDIT:  Heidi Maury
Police and air ambulance at Hamerton Zoo Park. CREDIT: Heidi Maury

Police and the air ambulance are at the scene of a “serious incident” which has seen Hamerton Zoo Park evacuated and closed today, Monday May 29.

Officers were called at around 11.15am to reports of what is described as a “serious incident” at Hamerton Zoo Park, Steeple Gidding near Huntingdon.

Officers attended the scene along with ambulance crews and MAGPAS.

Police are unable to give further information available at this time, however, they have confirmed that no animals have escaped and members of the public are safe.

Officers will provide a further update when they are able to.

A spokesman for the Magpas Air Ambulance confirmed the incident was ‘very serious’ but declined to comment further as investigations were ongoing. She also confirmed that suggestions on social media that an animal had escaped or that a child had been injured were not true.Hamerton Zoo Park were unable to comment when contacted.

People took to social media to tweet about the closure.

Chris Hubbard posted: “Police and air ambulance called to @HamertonZoo and guests are being cleared out. Hope everyone’s okay.”

Jessica Russell said on the site: “I shouldn’t leave the house... Try to go to @HamertonZoo and all hell breaks loose. Evacuated and air ambulance/police/ambulances.”

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