Brave 11-year-old praised for looking after mum in an emergency

Maddison Hunter with mum Samantha
Maddison Hunter with mum Samantha
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A brave 11-year-old who helped save her mum from a potentially life-threatening epileptic fit has been praised for her incredible maturity.

Maddison Hunter brushed away her tears and remained calm to look after mum Samantha (28) as she suffered the fit just after midnight on Thursday, April 9.

Maddison Hunter with Mandy Knapman

Maddison Hunter with Mandy Knapman

And to recognise the calmness shown by the Ormiston Meadows Academy pupil, Maddison was awarded a certificate by the East of England Ambulance Service call handler who had spoken to her over the phone as she waited for paramedics to arrive.

Samantha and Maddison were alone in their house in Ledham, Orton Brimbles when Samantha began having the fit in the living room.

Maddison had seen her mum have epileptic fits before, but never this bad.

She said: “She was shaking, spitting and crying. She bit her tongue.

“I called the ambulance as soon as I could tell it was not a normal fit. They told me to keep her breathing, make sure there were no dangerous objects around her and lay her down on her side.

“I was crying and really shaking. It was the first time I had seen her have a fit this big. She was kicking the door but not on purpose.

“I had to keep calm. If my mum saw me crying she would get really panicky, so I stopped crying and did what they told me to do on the phone.

“I know she can swallow her tongue and die. That’s when I get panicky. When she calms down I know she will be fine.”

Samantha was taken to Peterborough City Hospital but was allowed to return home in the early hours of the morning.

Maddison then slept the next night in her mum’s room to make sure she was okay.

Samantha has been having fits since she was 11 and has her mother, Maggie Little, living nearby to care for her.

Samantha has no recollection of the severe fit she suffered, but said without her daughter’s intervention she could have ended up smacking her head.

A very proud Samantha added: “Maddison acted really, really, well and was so grown up. All of her friends were really impressed with her.”

Call handler Mandy Knapman handed Maddison her certificate on Monday, May 18.

Pupils at the academy were told about Maddison’s bravery at morning assembly where they gave her a big round of applause.

Mandy said: “I was very impressed by how calm and collected she was. She remained extremely calm throughout the call, managed to lay her mum on her side, monitored mum’s breathing regularly, advised me that the dogs were put away in the kitchen, and unlocked the door without any problem at all.

“Maddison was excellent and I wish all callers were as calm as her.”