Bailiffs move in as Peterborough squatters are evicted

Squatters evicted from Frobisher House
Squatters evicted from Frobisher House
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Squatters who moved into a second empty Peterborough building have been evicted.

The group, who call themselves Peterborough Squatters Autonomy, had occupied Frobisher House in Westgate.They had previously squatted in the city council-owned Aqua House on Town Bridge.

After a court case on Friday morning, bailiffs moved into Frobisher House and began to evict the squatters and their belongings including a fridge-freezer, a microwave and computers as well as food and sleeping equipment,some of which have been donated by members of the public.

A small number of people watched on with several police officers on hand to ensure the eviction was carried out peacefully.

A spokeswoman for the squatters, all who wished to remain anonymous with some covering their faces, said they had been to court on Friday morning where an Interim Possession Order had been issued.

She said that there had been about a dozen squatters in the building, most of whom were homeless. She claimed the eviction had not been carried out legally.

The squatters piled their belongings against the outside the building, which hours earlier had been covered in their banners protesting against austerity and calling for action on homelessness and the NHS.

Another of the squatters was at pains to point out that they had not damaged the building and had left it tidy.

The building is a former Job Centre and the squatters claim it has been empty and unused for 10 years.

The squatters say they will now look for another empty building to occupy with the spokeswoman adding defiantly: “Peterborough Squatters Autonomy are here to stay.’’