‘Bag of sugar’ baby from Peterborough all smiles 30 years on after difficult birth

Premature baby Lisa Teat with her mum Lindsay Henson EMN-150421-224406009
Premature baby Lisa Teat with her mum Lindsay Henson EMN-150421-224406009
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A ‘bag of sugar’ baby who hit the headlines in the 1980s will soon celebrate her 30th birthday as a healthy adult.

Tiny tot Lisa Teat weighed 1lb 12oz when she was born 10 weeks early on May 10, 1985 at the then Peterborough District Hospital.

Lisa at birth EMN-150421-224322009

Lisa at birth EMN-150421-224322009

Lisa was so small she could fit in mum Lindsay Henson’s hand, but after nearly three months of oxygen treatment to her undeveloped lungs she was finally ready to be taken home.

And the story soon caught the attention of the Peterborough Evening Telegraph who put Lisa leaving hospital as its page three story on July 31.

Lisa was born by caesarean section as Lindsay, then 23, suffered with toxemia which leads to a rise in blood pressure and could have poisoned both of them.

Worried parents Lindsay and Ged visited the hospital’s special care unit every day for close to three months until Lisa weighed 4lb 10oz and was well enough to go home

She was a little fighter and I just sat there watching her.

Lindsay Henson

Lindsay, of Carron Drive, Werrington, said: “At 23 I was quite naive as to how poorly she was so we just took it in our stride.

“But we were very worried in the first few weeks. I was getting called in the middle of the night to come in and give her blood as she needed a lot of transfusions.

“She was a little fighter and I just sat there watching her. When she was bigger I could then cuddle her.

“I sat watching other children leave the special care unit and wondered ‘when will that be my child’?

The Peterborough Evening Telegraph page 3 story

The Peterborough Evening Telegraph page 3 story

“It was a special day when we took her home although that first night was pretty scary.”

Lindsay, who works in the images department at Peterborough City Hospital, said staff at the district hospital were amazing at looking after Lisa who had lots of tubes attached as she made her recovery.

Lindsay and Ged donated £65 back then to the hospital’s care unit to thank them.

Lisa, who lives in Danish Court, Werrington, with partner Gary is now working full-time at Optimum Lettings & Property Management, in Cowgate,

She will celebrate her 30th birthday with a family meal in Peterborough and will also go on a sightseeing trip to London.

With Lindsay keen to bring out the old photos of Lisa as a newborn, Lisa is very familiar with seeing how tiny she looked.

Lisa said: “The conversation often comes up. It’s hard to believe when you see the pictures. Mum gets the old photos out and I like to have a look.

“I look and compare when I see programmes with other babies and how much they weigh.

“I’ve had a good upbringing and the best possible life so far. I’m grateful for mum’s commitment and can imagine it would have been three months of agony for her.”