Artists joins celebrities in creating a flock of Shaun the Sheep sculptures

Cassie Debry with her Shaun the Sheep sculpture
Cassie Debry with her Shaun the Sheep sculpture
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An artist born in Folksworth, near Peterborough, has joined celebrities and designers in decorating sculptures of Shaun the Sheep for a charity sculpture trail.

Cassie Debry (25) has designed a sculpture called ‘Bristol Beauty’ for ‘Shaun in the City’, a flock of 70 five-foot sculptures of Shaun the Sheep which are on display all over Bristol from July 6 to Monday, August 31.

All 70 sculptures on the trail have been designed and decorated by a wide range of artists and well-known organisations including: DreamWorks Animation, Laura Ashley, Beatrix Potter and the creator of Shaun the Sheep himself, Nick Park.

The sculptures will be auctioned later this year to raise money for Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal, the Bristol Children’s Hospital charity.

Cassie works as a freelance graphic designer in Bristol.

Her design took 65 hours to complete and sees Shaun adorned in swirling illustrative writing, spelling out the names of areas in the city.

Cassie said: “Most of my work revolves around words, so I can be inspired from anything from song lyrics and film quotes to little words and phrases I overhear in people’s conversation.

“People I don’t even know inspire me when they say something. It does mean I eavesdrop on a lot of conversations though!”